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The House

We now have a house! We moved in two weeks ago, and are enjoying having some of our own space at last. Moving in itself was easy- the shippers had all the boxes in and upacked in just over two hours! But the house itself had a few issues:

1) It wasn’t clean. No even vaguely.

2) The people who own it have the DIY skills of goldfish. We have wires hanging out of walls, sockets not quite attached, the TV aerial comes in through a hole in the window, the outdoor security light wire goes through a hole in the wall, into an extension lead, through another hole in the wall, and plugged into a socket… need I continue!

3) The design of the house is an old Queenslander. Not a problem we thought to go down the stairs outside in the back garden. Well it wouldn’t be, if only you could unlock the back doors from the outside. But you can’t, so when you come in, you have to unlock both front doors and a security screen in order to unlock both back doors in order to use the stairs!!

But at the same time it is great to have our own possessions again, to have a choice of clothes, to jump in the pool whenever it’s hot, to sit by the river and watch the world go by. We are much closer to the city here too.

A few things are different living in Australia compared to the UK. Some have stuck in my mind more than others:

1) Going outside to the mailbox to find a rather unexpected item of post- an enormous spider.

2) Working out that the funny black things that keep appearing on the walls are gecko poo!

3) Finding a possum hanging upside down in a tree next to the veranda, munching on leaves for his dinner.

You learn and see new things here every day, and I’m sure there will be more to come!


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  rachel wrote @

Sounds amazing! not sure i would like to receive enormous spiders by post, but still, something more interesting than a bill.

must be nice to have the pool. can you catch a water taxi or ferry into the city to go shopping? now that would make up for the spider.


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