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Moving Upside Down

On 17th February I stepped off the plane, to begin my “year abroad” in Australia.

It’s not like I’ve never been here before, after all I spent 4 months of last year’s trip here, but somehow this time it all seems a lot harder, a lot more unknown. I’m not just upside down, I’m learning a new way of life.

The first few weeks have highlighted a few differences I find hard to understand the sense behind:

1) The internet comes in two speeds, slow and slower still.

2) I seem to have stepped back in time, to a world with less technology, less advanced everything in fact.

3) Second hand cars are not cheaper here. They want 3x the price for the same car I had in the UK. And it was an automatic.

4) You have to pay for a bank account. Not for any services or advantages you understand- just to put your money somewhere other than under your mattress.

5) Like America, you cannot expect to walk anywhere- they don’t provide for it. They have those same edge-of-town sprawly hideous shopping areas where everyone drives from shop to shop.

There are more, but this isn’t meant to be a moan, it’s just an account of how life is different here. There are definitely some good things here too!

1) The sun (don’t fool yourself- it rains here too, just isn’t so grey and cold all the time!)

2) Whenever you enter a shop, you are greeted with smiles and “how’re ya goin”- not a question you understand, just a statement meaning “hi”.

3) The people are amazingly generous- how many people do you know who’d put up the children of their friends’ friends for over a month?


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  Rachel wrote @

great to see you on-line. i like the turtle. xxx

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